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The Butler's Tale

'The Butler's Tale', is a business App designed to be 'a fun and engaging way to help users quickly understand key contract terms'. In November 2011 Tiffany Kemp at Devant ran a competition to find Voice Over talent for the project and I am chuffed to say that they I was one of two lucky winners.

Chosen to be the voice of The Butler himself, I recorded the material in a Wokingham studio. A subsequent blog by Tiffany on the Devant site, she recalled 'When we arrived Scott was already in full flood. Listening to the voice coming over the monitors, we were expecting someone in their mid-60s. When the studio door opened at the end of a take and Scott came through to say 'hi', Liya and I were surprised to see a 30-something chap who didn't sound a bit 'Butlerish' in real life.' She went on to say, 'Scott's robust Butler … which occupies a strange nether-land somewhere between Stephen Fry and Father Christmas!' You can find the full article here

If the thought of the App has made you keep to find out more you can now download it for free from here

Photos: Simon Kemp