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P&O Ventura

An exciting green-screen SFX project shot in Spring 2011 to supply filmed content for a Theatre show aboard the Ventura, one of P&O Cruise's newest liners. DMI Productions utilised prosthetic and make-up professionals Aaron and Maralyn Sherman to transform me into Jay V, a blond plastic character much like the 1980's Max Headroom only on a really good day, apt as this was an Eighties Tribute show.

This video gives you a taste of Jay-V's best bits although it has been taken out of context and abridged; during the Live Show my filmed content appears on one, some or all of 9 massive screens erected around the auditorium; sometimes to introduce or complement live performances on stage, which is why at times during the Video Montage I appear in and travel between multiple screens. All footage is courtesy of P&O Cruises and DMI Productions.

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