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Lazy town

Lazy Town Live 2007/8 was a hit Number 1 UK tour of the colossally successful children's TV show, known simply as Lazy Town. I was cast in the villainous role of couch potato and lovable rogue, Robbie Rotten… We did 2 or 3 shows a day and every morning, getting into costume for Robbie took up to 3 hours and involved attaching a prosthetic chin, a black quiff, the application of copious amounts of make-up and his trademark purple costume of course. The show garnered a great deal of positive reviews from critics and public alike, here are a selection of those:

"Couch potato Robbie Rotten, played to perfection by Scott Joseph"
The Stage | Lisa Martland (published Fri 26 October 2007) - read full review

"Scott Joseph has totally nailed the walk, talk and dastardly scheming of Robbie Rotten - and kept him comical too."
Glasgow Herald  | Mary Brennan (Web Issue 2971 - published October 22 2007)

"I have to say, though, that tonight's cast, especially Scott Joseph's Robbie Rotten, were very like their TV counterparts."  | David Feeney (Wed 17- Sat 20 October 2007 )

"..all the stage actors were made up to look exactly like the TV originals … villainous Robbie Rotten (Scott Joseph) had the correct length of chin, the right costume and the same zany evil gait … virtually everything was perfectly executed and true to the spirit of Lazy Town."
High Wycombe | Steve Cohn


Some photos from the show...