Scott Joseph

One Voice - Nominee

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Theatre work

  • CBeebies Live 'Reach to the stars' Arena Tour 2012

    I'm currently appearing as Robbie Rotten in the CBeebies Live 'Reach To The Stars' Arena Tour 2012.

  • Lazy Town Live

    Lazy Town Live 2007/8 was a hit Number 1 UK tour of the colossally successful children's TV show, known simply as Lazy Town. I was cast in the villainous role of couch potato and lovable rogue, Robbie Rotten...

  • Wyrd Sisters

    Wyrd Sisters was a cracking little fringe play did at the Gatehouse Theatre in Hampstead. Adapted from Terry Pratchett's novel, it is a comic take on Shakespeare and involves witches, a cowardly duke, evil queen, Death himself, a ghost that can't remember his lines and a wandering troupe of thespians...